What is Blogging?

Blogging it’s a form of depressurizing on the Internet or a bullhorn in front of your thoughts. It’s a way to share with other people what you are feeling about a certain issue or situation. I like to use it as a speaking platform for what is actually on my mind. It may be used as a simple tool to help others achieve a certain goal. It is also a way to set off your brand of you and your team. It’s the beginning of your trademark. Blogging is history it’s like writing the pages of a history book in our time.

Blogging is something we all should do at some point in our lives. I am sure there are some people here and gone that wished that they did have blogs to leave for someone in the future to read and remember you and in some cases get to know you a little better in your absence. Blogging can be the clarity that someone in the future will need to know to further there understanding of your life and times.

Why Blogging?

The two most important would be income and history of your time. We should all want some details written about our facts. The other reason we should blog is good old fashion income or money.

Blogging is one of the many ways to unclog the brain of overload from simple living in the Internet era. We look at many others who have succeeded in the blogging world and wonder how can I do that and have success. The answer is you can just start with your old diaries and journals. Everybody blogs most of us just refuse to write to down and post it on the Internet. If most people only knew the power of blogging, you can lower stress and or make a nice income if you take it to the next level by monetizing your blog with great offers and how-to knowledge. You know how they say life is what you make it well so is blogging. Bloggers know the saying 1-2 pages a day will bring success your way.

Blogging is one of the most inexpensive small businesses you can startup. The start-up cost is down to about less than $100.00 I know some people who spend that much on coffee each month, if diligent you can take blogging to the millionaires club with simple monetizing your blog and getting it monetized cost nothing more than your time. The time you spend test running and obtaining the many different offers and/or becoming an affiliate for the different websites use to set up your blog will help to monetize your blog and make you a bloggernaut millionaire. If you don’t believe me just try believing in yourself without giving up you to will be blogging your success story all over the Internet.

Blogging Goals:

If you are looking for a certain amount of likes and/or views or just in it for the money all you will need is traffic. Believe me, there are tons of traffic software available, check the reviews on the traffic source of your choice, and add it to your blog site and as they say at the fast-food chains you can supersize it. You can make it the size that works for you, if a small business or family Blog is your destination goal then by all means take it there mark it achieved and maintain it at the level that works for you.

When reading the successful bloggernaut’s story they will all say the same thing it takes time, some a few months to a few years yet they all achieved their desired success and more.

Potential bloggers have it easy it’s like putting a puzzle together with all the software available now. Write your blogs with rich content then cut and paste pre-written blog and the offers from your affiliates on a blogging site, any hosting site readily available, add the secret sauce (traffic software) and you have the recipe of a successful blogger. Whatever you do don’t overthink it read then write. Keep aside journal of your every step and you will have a completed eBook that will bring you additional income. If the story is good enough you may even get a movie deal the sky is the limit in the blogging industry. Again Blogging is the branding of you, a team, idea, and or family. It’s a positive step onto the Internet social marketing craze. WordPress is no.1 as a blogging platform.

Blogging Tips:

  • Keep tight control of your mailing list always adding and updating. Obtain software that will keep track of all visitors to your blog.
  • Try to answer as many feedback questions as possible. Regularly check your offers to make sure the links are error-free and working properly.
  • Build that email listing every chance you get it can be your bread and butter.
  • Read affiliate offers disclaimer before posting their ads to keep from burning any bridges you may want to cross.
  • Start or join a blog club, newsletters and or forums to keep yourself current with the blogging trends and current regulations.
  • Paid traffic is worth its weight in gold with the time it saves by targeting the potential customers that are looking for you and your products. This action will bring on higher conversion rates, therefore, creating higher commissions.
  • Check compatibility before vlogging on your blog site.
  • Put a time limit on your researching as too much can put you on overload creating procrastination.

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