various mobile operating systems

In the market, different mobile operating systems available. Different mobile operating systems have it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, mostly use operating systems are : Android & iOS.

1. Android OS


OS Family Linux
Vendor Open Handset Alliance, Google
Written In C, C++, Java
Initial Release September 23, 2008
Application Store Google Play

2. iOS


OS Family Darwin
Vendor Apple, Inc
Written In C, C++, ObjectiveC, Swift
Initial Release June 29, 2007
Application Store App Store

3. Symbian OS


OS Family RTOS
Vendor Accenture on behalf of Nokia (historically Symbian Ltd. and Symbian Foundation)
Written In C, C++, Java ME, Python, Ruby, Flash Lite
Initial Release 1997
Application Store Nokia Ovi Store

4. Blackberry OS

OS Family QNX
Vendor Blackberry Ltd.
Written In C, C++, HTML5,Java script,CSS, ActionScript, Java
Initial Release January, 1999
Application Store BlackBerry World

5. Windows Phone OS


OS Family Window CE-7, Window NT-8
Vendor Microsoft
Written In C#, VB.NET, F#, C++, Jscript
Initial Release October 21, 2010
Application Store Windows Phone Store

6. WebOS


OS Family Linux
Vendor Open WebOS community contributors, LG Electronics, previously HP (HewlettPackard) &Palm
Written In JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C and C++
Initial Release June,2009
Application Store Palm App Catalog

7. Ubuntu OS


OS Family Linux
Vendor Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu community
Written In HTML5, QML C,C++
Initial Release october 20, 2004
Application Store Ubuntu Store

8. Firefox OS


OS Family Linux
Vendor Mozilla Foundation
Written In HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C++
Initial Release April 23, 2013
Application Store Firefox Marketplace, Web URL

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