How to get copyright free images

Why Copyright Free Images?

Copyright is special rights which prevent the user to copy that image. If you will use that images which is copyrighted in your project or work without authors permission then, you can put in trouble. Author can take action you. Author can complaint against you in the court and you may have to pay penalty. So, always use copyright free images in your project or work. On the internet,it is not necessary that all the images are copyright free.

Copyright free images websites

  1. In this website, More than 5,50,000 free images are available. All the photos on this website is completely free. This is the best choice for getting copyright free images. This website provides high resolution images. You can also modify or use the same image in your work without image’s author permission. For using an image attributing the photographer is not necessary.

  2. This is made through vibrant photographer’s community. You can share, modify images of this website. This website also provides copyright free & high resolution videos for your website. On this website, Shutterstock images also shown because it is sponsors of the pixabay. Shutterstock is a website which is contains copyrighted images.

  3. This website provides high resolution images. You can use or modify the images of this website. Images can be used for free commercial and noncommercial use. But, this website puts restrictions on images uses. You can not redistribute or sell the images. Also you can not redistribute this images on your stock photo or wallpaper plateform.

  4. You can use photos of this website for personal and commercial purpose. This website is not provides different image quality wise photos, this is only gives high resolution images. Shutterstocks also sponsers stocksnap website.

  5. This is gives you beautiful and high resolution copyright free photos. This website gives only high quality images, they are not provide different image quality wise download. You can use this images for both commercially and non-commercially way. Adobe Stock sponsors negativespace website.

Above mentioned all this website distribute images to you under Creative Commons CC0 license.

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