Google Play Console payment problem


If you want an google play store developer account then you have to make payment on google play console. If you are a android developer then you may have faced google play console payment problem.

Types of Card payment option

In the google play console, you have only two option for card payment:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit card

All the bank’s credit card are accepted on google play console. So, Credit card holders can easily get google developer account. But, problem can arrise when you are paying throgh debit card.

Google play console payment

Debit card problem

When you are paying through Debit card on google play console, you may face problem in payment. Some bank’s debit card is accepted but some bank’s debit card may not accepted.

Solution of Debit card problem

You have to go in your bank and tell them to create ‘Internation Debit Card’. If you have already a debit card of the bank then tell your bank that upgrade a normal debit card to ‘Internation Debit Card’. In this problem, only bank can help you.

Benifits of google play developer account

  1. One Time Fee Payment: This is a major benifits of google play developer account. Google play console takes only one time fee for lifetime access of google developer account. When we are talking about Amazon developer console, Apple developer console, they are taking yearly fees for access of it’s developer console and this is more expensive for developers. So that google play store is best. By the way, Android is a part of google company and Android is Open source Operating System. Google keeping this fee because google don’t want any garbage or useless application on google play store. Let’s think, If google play console will doesn’t take any fee then anyone can upload malicious or useless application and that is more dangerous for google play store users.
  2. More No. of Users: Google has a more no. of users because Android has more no. of users. So, if you want to reach on more no. of users then, google play developer is best option for you.

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