How to increase app install and earn money?

You can increase app install and earn money. Here are some strategies that you can follow and win the users and can earn money by app monetization. Here we will talk about free and paid ways to increase app install.

1. Publish your app on other app store

That is not enough that your app is only present on google play store or Apple App Store, You should also think about other app store for getting more app install and earn money. You can publish your app on below list of app stores:

List of alternative Android app stores:-

List of alternative ios app stores:-

2. Share app on social media

This is the best way to get more app installs by promoting your app via different social media platforms. Facebook is one of the best ways to promote the app. Other social media platform is there like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. You have to search group related app discussion and post your app on this group. You have to describe your app on this app discussion forum and people will install your app. Also, you can create a product page on different social media platform.

3. Post on discussion forum

On the internet, there is lots of discussion forum where people discuss their issues and get answers. So this platform is run by people. You can discuss about your app on this platform or you can post your comment of your app in comment section of this platform. You can post your comment on quora, stackoverflow, reddit, XDA-Developers, Product Hunt etc. This will create backlink of your app and your app will get rank on the app store.

4. Improve ASO

ASO is the most important part of getting more organic app installs. You need to work on choosing nice app icons, app screenshots, and app descriptions. Eye-catching app icon and screenshots can get more app downloads. If possible then try to launch a promo video of your app. This promo video will increase app conversions. Also, app reviews are taking a big effect on organic app downloads.

Try to collect more and more app reviews. Never forget to answer/reply negative reviews of your app and you have to convince users. Make your app crash-free and increase the retention rate of users. If you choose relevant and most used keywords in the app description then your app rank will improve. Use keywordtool for choosing most used and high ranked keywords.

5. Create Backlink of the app

Write Articles related to your app on guest blogging platform. describe your app’s feature and benifits of that. Include your app link in this blogs and google will rank up your app. there are many platform which are providing guest post like,

On the internet, there is lots of blogging platform where you can write your app’s information and promote it. This will increase popularity of your app.

6. Submit app for review

You can submit app for review on different app reviewer site. This sites will increase your app trust. Trust is most important thing when someone use it. Below are free reviwers websites.

You can also pay to paid reviwers websites for reviwing your app and increase visibility of your app.

7. Localize your app

According to one servey, peoples are using 25.3% english, 19.8% chinese, 8% spanish, 46.9% others languages on the internet. Localization of your app is great part of ASO(APP Store Optimization). If possible then try to localize your app icon, app description and screenshots also.

8. Promote app by promo video

Create promo video of your app and publish on video sharing platforms. promo video is the most entertaining part of the app. promo video should have minimum 30 seconds duration. Try to convice your user to use app via promo video. Below are the list of video platform where you can post your promo video and can build up your audience:

9. Create a blog for app

Create a blog for your app and reach to more audience. Describe briefly about your product on this blog. Include a backlink of your product. Try to convince your users to use app. Explain to users about your app. Here are the list of platform where you can create blog and increase app install and earn money:-

10. Paid app marketing

Paid marketing is the best option when you have money for app marketing. You can bring a bulk app installs and earn money. Big companies have their own budget for app promotion. They are doing promotion by press release and running different advertising campaigns.

When things comes to app install then google ads is the best option, because google have a big number of users who are using different google products. Facebook ads is good option for getting paid app installs when you want to get more app installs at lower price. In the market Bing ads and Twitter ads are there for paid marketing. But no one can compete google ads while things come at more app installs.

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