How to use wordpress offline


offline WordPress installation is much easier task. There are so many benifits of install wordpress offline or locally.

1. Download Xampp Server

For downloading Xampp server click here

Now, install it.

2. Download WordPress

For downloading wordpress click here

Now, open the .zip file of wordpress and drage the wordpress folder to “xampp/htdocs” folder(xampp folder will be there where you have xampp installed).

xampp htdocs

3. Open the xampp server

Now, start the Apache & MySQL using start button clicking.

Xampp Server

4. Create wordpress database

Open the web browser and type “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/server_databases.php” and press enter key.

Now create database of wordpress and give name this database as “wordpress”.

wordpress databse

5. Open new tab in Web Browser

In the url type “” and press enter key.

Now, you are able to see configuration window of wordpress:

wordpress setup

Click on continue button.

Now, you will see next step of wordpress setup and click on “Let’s go” button.

wordpress config

Now, fill the detail according to below image.

wordpress database installation

Then press the submit button. Now, you will see “Run Installation” button. press this button.

6. Setup the wordpress installation

Fill the details.

wordpress site setup

Now, press “Install WordPress” button.

Finally, you have completed the installation process.

Now, if you want to open your website beautiful wordpress website, then type in url “http://localhost/wordpress/” and press enter key.

If you want to setup the theme then type in url “http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/” and press enter key.

Advantages of install wordpress offline:

  • Secure: If you are use wordpress locally then, it is more secure way to develop website.
  • Speed: wordpress is installed on locally on your own computer so that it will give more speed than any other way.
  • Easy Testing: If you are plugin developer then testing of wordpress plugin is much easier on locally installed wordpress.
  • Backup: WordPress is installed on local computer so that personal backup can be take.

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