know history of any websites

You can know history of any websites which is on the internet. History of any website is much important for us to know it is good website or bad. Also we can know it is trustable or not through website history.

Way to know history of any websites on the internet


    You can know website history using Wayback machine website. In this website, you can enter a website name which you want to know history of it. This will show you full history of it. This is also called as internet archives.
History of any websites

This website is digital archive of w3(world wide web). You can see more than 344 billion web pages history on this website. Wayback machine website is old more than 20 years. Wayback machine website uses web crawler technique to find history of website. The overall data of different websites on wayback machine website is taking up 15 petabytes of storage.

flipkart history

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