Mobile application development: Expectation vs Reality

Mobile application development- Expectation vs Reality

Mobile application development is a quite booming name in the world of software development. mobile app development is popular amongst the youngsters for learning something new or developing their own app. Here we will talk about expectation which people have in mind vs reality which exist in the market about mobile application development.

Especially, this article is about those developers who are new and wants to go to the mobile application development field.

Why mobile application development?

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile, and can anyone carry these devices anywhere. Mobile is efficient to complete our tasks with the help of applications. Application is the only thing that can complete a task. Due to the increase in app demand, mobile app development comes into the picture.

Developers are attracting developing an application due to the demand of app in the market and can earn money using this app. After all everyone wants to earn money. Due to the chasing of app trends and money, mobile app development is popular in the software industry.

What are the programming languages available for mobile app development?

In the market, there are lots of programming languages available for mobile app development, but every language has its place. Let’s talk briefly about that.

mobile app development programming languages

Game development is popular and for that developer using unity, unrealengine, etc. If we talk about native app development then it is completely based on java language or kotlin language. Frameworks are also there for mobile application development like cordova, ionic, phonegap, etc. This ways every programming languages and frameowrks has there own usage and demand.

Expectation vs reality

  • Lots of money

    App can earn money in million or billion also, but your app should be unique or it can be able to provide unique value in the market. People are expecting too much from the app, but reality is completely different.

    App should not be developed with the intence of earning money but it should developed withn intense of making solving problems or making better tomorow. With this tought app can be successful. Don’t chase money, money chase you if you have better idea.

  • Lots of users/downloads

    Millions of app exist in the market. How your app can be highlighted among this huge numbers of apps? Answer is simple, app should provide value to the users. Also, marketing is most important part of mobile app development. If no one knows about your product/app then it has no use.

    App should be well marketed and have proper ASO. If your app have all this things then and then only you can expect lots of users or downloads.

  • Less efforts, more revenue

    When we talk about developing app then average price for developing small app is $3000-$8000, for more complex app $50,000-$150,000 and for gaming app $10,000-$250,00. All this about cost of developing app. Apart from this, you have to spend money on marketing also.

    ofcourse, effort is not less for developing app and revenue is not gauranteed. It’s all about risk. If app is generating money then it is successful and if not then you can make huge lose of money.


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