SQL database vs NoSQL database:

1 SQL database are reffered as RDBMS. NoSQL database are known as distributed or non-relational database.
2 SQL databases follow ACID properties. NoSQL follows brewers CAP theorem.
3 SQL database have a predefined schema. NoSQL database have dynamic schema for unstructured data.
4 SQL databases are scaled vertically. NoSQL databases are scaled horizontally.
5 To scale SQL databases, horse power of the hardware is increased. To scale NoSQL databases, the database servers are expanded in a resource pool in order to reduce the load.
6 It is not feasible to store hierarchical data in SQL. NoSQL is generally used to store hierarchical and graphical data.
7 If the query is complex, SQL provides perfect solution. NoSQL are not much preferable for complex query.
8 In SQL databases, structured query language is used for defining and manipulating data. In NoSQL databases, collections of documents are focused by queries, such query is known as Unstructured Query Language(UNQL). UNQL don’t have standard syntax, it varies depending on database.
9 SQL database are based on table. NoSQL database are based on key-value pair,graph and document or column store.
10 SQl database example: Mysql, Oracle, Sqlite, Postgres and MA-SQL. NoSQL database example: MongoDB, BigTable, Redis, RavenDB, Cassandra, Hbase, Neo4j and CouchDB.

What is NOSQL?

A NoSQL database demonstrates a system for the recovery and capacity of information which is composed in means other that relations utilized as a part of RDBMS. It comprises of a wide variety of advances in database that were created and gave a responsive ascent in the volume of information put away about clients, articles and items, the recurrence in which this information is gotten to and execution and preparing needs. For the most part, these NoSQL databases are been organized in a key-value collections, graph database, document oriented structure.

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