Dropshipping is the approach of digital marketing. This method had been in existence in the past, but it was only at present that people began to get to know how it works and how to fully utilize it for digital marketing. Dropshipping consists of lifting and selling goods in a retail manner, but where a shop or space does not harbor the products it sells in the shop. Therefore, when a shop wants to sell a product, the drop shipper gets the item from another person and has it shipped to the customer. The seller of the product does not come in contact with the goods he or she is selling.

In particular, what this means is that the individual who is involved in this kind of business is not the one whose goods are sold to the customers. At the same time, the goods delivered to the customer do not come through the person who carried out the major duty of connecting to the customer and seeking buyers, the “drop shipper”. Instead, it comes from another person, who is more or less a “third party” and who might not know most parts of the transaction. The person providing the goods will know about the orders once they’re done, so the items can be shipped away from his or her shop.

Dropshipping and the physical business alternative, which has been there, are related in some ways: for example, daily, sellers could go to another person’s shop to get the goods they don’t have in the shop but a customer is asking for. The difference between the online version, dropshipping, and the physical business platform, is this: the online marketer does not have anything at all in stock for the dropshipping business, while the physical business might have some goods in stock, although it might not be exactly what the person in need of the goods wants. The main difference, on the other hand, largely lies in the aspect that the physical one has something at least and the online one does not have anything at all. Here’s why the seller would have to get anything that is requested from a third party, by shipping it from the company directly to the customer in need of it.

The dropshipping as a business and as a larger part of digital marketing has its good and bad sides, which we’ll address soon. However, it can be asserted that dropshipping, when placed side-by-side with other business initiatives of digital marketing, it is not much of a bad business venture. There is usually little risk involved and there are more bearable risks when compared to others in the line of digital marketing. It is also a business that can also be done with little or no capital.


It is beneficial to the reader if the advantages of dropshipping are listed in a very detailed manner to enable him or her to make the right decision and plan well. These advantages would also guide the individual on how the business is done, as they are the rudiments of the business and they cannot be ignored.

One of the good sides of the dropshipping business is that little or no capital is needed, as we have been mentioned before. This may be undoubtedly the best part of dropshipping. It means that it is realizable to open an online store without the need to put in lots of money in the savings, especially in the delicate phase when the business is yet to start or it is just about to start. This, of course, suggests that it is advisable to use little money, against the idea that getting a large sum of money down to do business should be the normal way. That’s because the amount of money does not determine how successful the business would end to be, as people would have thought, and that equals both dropshipping and/ or physical retailing.

Another advantage that you must know as someone who intends to get into dropshipping, is that you do not have to buy a marketing material unless there is a ready buyer, announced, armed to get the items you have put up for sale. The time for you to buy it from the seller must come after the customer has made the payment. This means that the e-commerce store you might have created shouldn’t be filled with goods, therefore you only purchase what people order from you, avoiding the superfluous. It becomes easier to manage the amount of money coming in and out from the business: you don’t have to struggle with buying goods or keeping up with a storage place, because your overhead expenses will be quite low.

There is also the advantage of no fixed location. A dropshipping business can be processed from just any place with a gadget and an internet connection. As far as there is an avenue for communication with the real owners of the goods and customers, you can run and manage your business wherever you want. You must know that many established dropshipping businesses are run from a home office with a laptop and for a little paltry sum per year.

Regarding the shipment part, there are other issues that you won’t have to worry about when you intend to start up dropshipping. These are things such as packing of goods and spoilage with the risk transportation of ordered goods; rigorous record taking for accounting and official reasons; paying for a storage place and how to keep it in order; repeated demand of items and getting to manage stock level.

Another advantage is that you will have the access to dropship as many goods as you can, choosing both the ones that cover your interests and the ones that seem to move faster in their ability to being sold out than others. As a dropshipping fellow, you will see varying items that are put up for sale, and your job is to research how marketable they are before you venture into acquiring them and sending them off to people who might need them. This is one aspect where a dropshipping fellow has an advantage over the man who has a physical store.

Lastly, there is the process of being at ease with the method and manner of doing the business. Meanwhile, in a physical business, if there is a request of three times multiplied delivery and sale of goods, a businessperson may not handle it and may need to do three times as much work. On the contrary, by leveraging dropshipping suppliers, most of the work to process additional orders will be borne by the suppliers, allowing you to expand with fewer growing pains and less incremental work. Sales growth will always bring additional work – especially related to customer service – but businesses that utilize dropshipping scale particularly well relative to traditional eCommerce businesses.

All these benefits make dropshipping a very attractive model for both beginning and established merchants. Unfortunately, it isn’t all roses and rainbows. All this convenience and flexibility come at a price.


The fact that there are good sides of dropshipping does not mean there are not bad sides, as most actions and things usually have the good and the bad sides. This paragraph explores the cons of dropshipping, to give the potential dropshipping fellow a complete view of what the business entails and whether it would be worth the risk.

One of the bad sides is poor profit return, especially when operating in a highly competitive dropshipping business. It happens mainly when the marketer is just willing to sell off what he or she has at a considerably poor profit price in a situation to save him or herself from losing customers. It is largely caused by the idea that in this business is quite easy to get started, and the starting costs are not elevated. This may lead to situations where many marketers shop and sell items at very low prices, in an attempt to make a manageable profit and grow their customer base. They think that since they’ve put in very small money in getting the business started, they can easily agree to sell the items with a very low-profit margin, but this is not the right choice to make.

One bad aspect of people who usually sell at an alarming low-profit price is the built of a very poor website. This will make us deviate a little from the good sides and the bad sides, so we can talk about the need for proper packaging in the dropshipping business. In fact, in any business, it is wise if you package yourself well, but it should not be because you offer goods at a ridiculously cheap rate. You should be as good looking as possible even though you are not sure of how much and well your income would be. It is a good idea if you put in your best interest the building of your website, to attract visitors and keep them. In dropshipping it is very wise to build a website that is well constructed and looks attractive to whoever gets to your site whether through referral, ads, or search engines. You should take time to properly manage yourself and your website because it is not negligible.

Another bad side that may come with a dropshipping business is the idea of managing what is in stock. If as a marketer you put up items for sale, it is advisable to keep track of which items are in and out of stock. However, this is not the case of dropshipping, because you will be getting items from different third-party sellers that are often occupied with replying to request by other marketers. Due to this, it becomes pertinent to be up-to-date with the way you manage the stock of what goes in, comes out, and is delivered to customers.

You can find ways of creating easier technologies to assist your buyers in requesting and getting the goods they want, but these solutions don’t always work seamlessly, and suppliers don’t always support the technologies required. It is sometimes difficult to make the suppliers support what they don’t fully understand or have not come to know. The negative aspect of this is that, when you work with different suppliers, the items would have to be on your website and be sourced through several different suppliers of goods. This adds to the cost and makes it more expensive for you to explain your technology.

Another not-so-easy issue to handle is that sometimes there might be ills or wrongdoings from the suppliers of the products. It’s like being blamed for an offense you did not commit, with ill issues roping around your neck and you not knowing how to solve the situation. Trying to exempt yourself from the issue could make it worse. It is best not to prove of not being wrong: instead, you should play along with the customers and promise to do better next time.

You should not try to kill yourself over these things, as you should know that one of the dropshipping third-party sellers may commit errors sending out goods that are requested – mistakes for which you’ll have to take responsibility and apologize. Very poor quality standard sellers would encounter many more problems while sending out the goods to the buyers, and the blame would come to the marketer who has an e-commerce store. That’s because customers don’t get to know and understand the difference between the marketers and the sellers, and they would choose not to absolve the drop shippers of any blame.

What you must get to know and accept is that dropshipping is not free of setbacks, and it is not a perfect way and to build a successful business without any problem. The dropshipping business has its good sides, but it arrives with several twisted situations and some issues that you’ll need to address, such as these bad sides, which may stall the growth of the business and how to handle them. The thing to remember, however, is that with some accurate and scheduled laying out of ideas to become a better drop shipper, most of the bad sides can be prevented, and there will be no attempt by the bad sides to lead you away from growing a thriving, profitable dropshipping business.

Money and Time: a road to success

One of the best methods to employ drop shipping is picking up the strength to afford yourself some sweat without losing the passion and the dedication to build your business, and this should be seen more in the attitudes of beginners. Applying time or money to know how to manage the business or grow the business is good for the system, as they would help grow and manage the business.

By dedicating time and money to the business, you will get to come to terms with how it works, which would be crucial for managing as your business expands. This will also help you to get closer to your customers and to know how the general trade system works, as it will give you space to come to a collision with better decisions. There would also be an addition of several skills in this process of giving yourself time, space, and money to make you a better entrepreneur. You won’t regret it.

It would be difficult for a large group of people to leave their job to spend six months working upon their new online shop. It may be rather difficult to change and pick up new tasks of developing yourself when there is a job before you, especially when it pays well. However, the good news is that getting started with dropshipping is achievable whether or not you are entangled in a great work schedule that’s choking you up and sucking up your neck. It is possible even if you are working in a 7 a. m. to 5 p. m. position, assuming you set appropriate dreams for yourself and the customer service you are about to create, especially in the customer fulfillment area. When you begin to develop yourself, the growth into being the great businessman you are supposed to be would not be much of a task, as it is realizable and achievable. It may take time, but if you steadily grow your business after giving yourself space and time, success will surely come.

How much money goes into dropshipping?

It’s realizable to create and develop a dropshipping business by investing a good amount of money; however, it may not be your best interest to put in a great amount of money when you’re just coming to know the business. When a dropshipping business is at its beginning stages, you need to be around someone who is greatly interested in the success of a business building from the ground up, to give you the strength and energy to cope.

Also, you need to contact a business owner you already know, because if there is no attempt to understand how a business works at any stage, a drop shipping fellow would be at the mercy of ridiculously exorbitant charging software developers, website and application builders, and marketers. Those things could quickly drain all the income, the dropshipping fellow is making from the business, without taking a dime to himself. Even is some kind of help is needed at the beginning, the dropshipping fellow is recommended to remain the primary driving force at the outset of the venture.

As for money, a dropshipping marketer would need a small cash donation for the business, about $ 2,000 or so, to get the business to be launched and operational. There will also be the necessity and need in the business for simple operating costs, as in the likes of web hosting and suppliers. You will also have to pay some forms of incorporation fees that would be needed in the further development of the business.

How much time goes into dropshipping?

Most businesses and entrepreneurship programs are quite different and presentable in their ways, and you might think it’s very unrealistic to give yourself space and time to build your own business to a certain standard. You may consider how hard and stressful any form of business is, and couple it with the business close up and failure all around you. That’s why you have to know that it is realizable to develop a $ 1,500-$ 2,500 monthly income moving in within a year of working, at a time assigned in developing your business around 10 to 15 hours per week.

When there is the option to work on your start-up in the not half-time manner, you can start working on your profit potential and ability to succeed. To put all your efforts into marketing is gainful in the beginning times when building publicity and being familiar with the business you do are two crucial matters. Due to popular experiences that have been recorded widely, creating a dropshipping business with an income of $ 70,000 would always take at least a year of total-time work with a great elaboration on marketing. These may look like efforts with no percentage of payout, especially when a new dropshipping fellow is starting, but then again most businesses begin this way and it takes consistency, persistence, character and even endurance to outlive your suffering period.

A time would come when a new dropshipping business would be up and running, and maintaining it would take not more than 50-hours a week. Then, what you have mostly invested yourself into would pay off in terms of efficiency and success, and it will all be in an attachment to the dedication you put in it as offered by the dropshipping business you have chosen to go into. However, even when the hard work has paid off, it is good to remain committed to it and refuse not to be shifted from it.

What most people do not know is that, whenever a man is building a business, he develops more than just a single income stream. He is also building an empire that one day may be easily offered up for purchase by interested buyers. As a man or woman who is interested in building a recognizable empire which is very valuable, it is good to think about creating value and covering up spaces. Once this is done, a company or other drop shippers would easily succeed to create recognition and acceptance for themselves at the nearest time possible.

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