How to Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Now you may be wondering how you can make money online, I will highlight some of the ways you can achieve this:

Becoming an Influencer

Here all you need to do is to focus on brands that businesses want to reach your followers or your audience, that way you become a medium through which they can reach your audience. The potential to earn more is enhanced if you are an influencer in a particular niche and therefore command a sizeable number of followers. With influencer status, you can reach to business and offer to promote their brands. Being an influencer means that you have a reputation and trust among your followers by doing and sharing content online relating to a particular subject. The influencer’s key strengths lie in his ability to convince their audiences about trends and the level of trust that they have built with their followers. Influencers have a strong online presence and therefore brands tend to partner with them to do sponsored posts that help sell their products. Businesses can discover influencers who are best fit for their brands based on the influencers’ location, interests, followers and terms of engagement.

Successful brand influencers make thousands of dollars from deals from established brands. A good example is Drew who has utilized Snapchat (which is affiliated to yahoo) to post his own travel content on the Trip It website. In so doing the outcome is mutually beneficial where an influencer’s trusted content validates a company’s brand while it generates publicity and recognition for the influencer. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the role social media influencers are playing which include spokesman roles, brand ambassadors and other PR opportunities which go a long building a company’s strong online presence while legitimizing an influencer’s reputation among his/ her audience. This win-win strategy that as social media influencer especially Instagram can take advantage of. A good example Pixlee is a leading marketing platform for brands using customer’s stories from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. This is one site that an influencer can optimize to access business that needs brand influencers.

Becoming an affiliate

Becoming an affiliate

Becoming an affiliate and actively sell brands of other businesses. Affiliate marketing is becoming equally more popular just like brand influencer marketing. Unlike an influencer who works involve creating brand awareness becoming an affiliate means you are actively engaged in selling other business’s products. The idea behind affiliate marketing is that you promote other people’s brands often through affiliate programs and networks earning a commission for every sale that you make. If a business has products that they want to boost its sales, then they can achieve this by involving promoters who market the product in exchange with a financial incentive which is usually commission-based. Affiliate marketing usually involves four parties the merchant, the network, the publisher and the customer or in other cases three parties that are advertiser, publisher and consumer.

As an affiliate marketer in some cases, you may be involved not just in product promotion but also in the creation of the product and still earn profit from the underlying idea of sharing revenue. So where do you begin as an online affiliate marketer?

First, you need to review the products in your niche and suitable social media channels that you can use to market. Most common sites are YouTube channel, blog and Instagram. In this case for products that are photogenic Instagram will be the most suitable site. Becoming an affiliate marketer is by far the most profitable venture since promoting and sling products that you are familiar with to an audience that you have already created good networks with. You can use an affiliate link so that customers when they click on the link on your page it directs them to the products. You can use a link or promo code to ensure that every click is converted to a sale.

You also need to create captivating posts on your Instagram page and promote without being too aggressive which may turn off your audience. Create a product link on your page and include information that the product can be purchased via the link. Once you establish your product niche there are numerous opportunities for expansion which include expanding your online presence by including a website, blog or use of other social media platforms. There are a number of ways you can optimize your earnings that is if you rely on the number of people who visit your Instagram page then you need a lot of traffic. However, you can decide to contact your audience directly and market the product to them whenever you like and not just when they visit your site.

To increase channels of contact with your audience you can include a link on your Instagram page where they subscribe by entering their email address in exchange for content. This content should be educational in nature for instance if you selling fridge include the content the benefits of that type of fridge. Post the photos of various components of the fridge to enhance its likeability. In order to entice your audience, prepare webinars or short videos explaining the product’s features, talk about your personal experience with the product among others.

Sell Photos and Drawings

By selling photos and other related content which include paintings, drawings, animations, image or video-based virtual products. If you have excellent photography skills here is an opportunity to make money out this and Instagram is a platform for you. Instagram is a visual-based platform, therefore, offering you great opportunity to make lots of money by posting high-quality photos of products of business that are eye captivating. You can enhance the quality of your pictures by using editing tools and apps and post them on your Instagram and promote their popularity by use of hashtags.

Selling your products

Instagram offers you a platform to market and sell your products that you either produce or those you purchase from vendors. This is basically an eCommerce platform for retailer business. You need some small startup capital to stock the goods and some space to store the goods as you wait for customer orders. You sell your products on Instagram through posts and stories on your Instagram page, by tagging products to your Instagram images. This way you can lead your audience to your product page where they can buy the products.

Drop shipping Model

drop shipping

This is a model where you create an online site to sell products without maintaining physical inventory. Once a customer has placed an order on your site then you liaise with supplier to deliver or ship the product directly to the customer and payment is usually done to you. You can set up a dropshipping store with well-known eCommerce online sites like shoplift, eBay, Amazon. All you need to do is find a product niche that you can sell well without wasting your startup capital.

Find Websites that pay

There are so many websites on the internet that will pay for you to perform certain preferred tasks for them. Such include shopping and conducting surveys on their behalf. Some websites will even pay you to test the products that they deal with and offer feedback to them.

It is clear that these websites will not make you very financially stable, but it is a step you can take, that can lead to your financial independence. Find such websites and work for them, just be sure to ensure the website is legit. Here are just but a few websites that can pay you to offer certain skills.

  1. Swag bucks : On this website, you can be paid for using the search engines and conducting other research and surveys. Yes, this will not give you a lot of money, but making a step is all we are hear for, you start slow and grow bigger. It can be a good website to earn some cash to sustain a few of your needs.
  2. Inbox Dollars : Just like Swagbucks, this website will pay you some money to conduct research and surveys. As a beginner, you can combine the two websites and earn extra. This site even offers you 5% for just singing up. When using their search engine, you get paid, meaning that the more frequent you use this site, the more likely you are to earn. The site may, however, be restricted to some countries but be sure to check it out before drawing any lines, it might be a game-changer for you this year.
  3. User testing : This website is common too, the owner of a website pays you to test a new website, then observe how you navigate on the website. You will be paid over 10% for trying to navigate new websites. This is a short process that always takes between 10-20 minute. Short time for some good cash, go for it.
  4. Fiverr : This platform has gained popularity over the years. No doubt that many have come across it. If you are creative, if you are talented and can write some work, conduct research and other customer requests, then you need to try this. You crate gigs that will attract customers who will pay for the services that you offer. Many people have made this a full-time job and they are making a huge living out of it. So are you a university student, are you out of school and you are yet to find a job, then that time that you have can earn you a lot of money on this platform. Create an account and you will be linked to millions of clients worldwide who are in need of your services.

Working as a freelancer – Content Writing

This is an idea and propeller money-making way on the internet these days. A lot of people have achieved financial independence by simply working online as freelance writers. Some earn even up to 1 $ for every word, meaning that, when you have many tasks that involve a lot of words, you will earn a lot from this.

It does not just start by earning a lot, you have to build a profile and slowly develop yourself into a top artist. If you have a passion for writing, then, you can try this, but if you are not, then I would not recommend this for you as it will sack life out of you.

It takes time to make it to the top, dedication is key as well and later on, you will ripe the fruits. Let me hope that this may be a deal changer, we need to have a look at it, how you can make money with it online.

Here are some websites that can help you make money online as a freelance writer.

  1. Listverse : This site pays up to 101 $ to any post that is accepted. You have to list everything in your articles and should make up to about 1500 word. 10 things must be included in your article and creativity should be maintained.
  2. A list Apart : This may be the highest paying site and one of the best freelance platforms. It pays up to 200 $ for any accepted order. It is not easy to make your way to the top of this site, but, with the right persistence and creativity, you can make a lot of money here and can be a good source. Some articles may comprise of over 1500 words or less, depends on the needs of clients.
  3. International living : This site is more of a leisure site; the site pays you to offer an account of your experiences when travelling. Here, you will be paid about 75 $ just to narrate all you went through when travelling. It’s more of giving an account than just article writing.
  4. Funds for writer : This site accepts articles between 500-600 words. They pay up to 50 $ for any accepted work and will only accept work that is of a high standard. If you have the guts, then you can make money out of this.
  5. Iwriter : This site pays up to 15 $ for any accepted post. It is a good site and is not as much restrictive as other sites. This site will enable you to write the content that you want and one can publish as many articles one as you can.
  6. Textbroker : Here, you are paid 5 cents for every word that you write just in case you are a 5-star writer. Before joining, you will be given a chance to write an article and most likely you will start as a 3-star writer and as you write more and more articles you can work your way up the ladder and earn more money.
  7. Matador Network : This site will pay up to 60 $ for any accepted work. Sometimes, they will pay you from20-25% for any accepted post. The site does not have a minimum number of words to be written but the maximum is always 1500 words.

Working From Home

Some companies will pay you to work for them from your home via the internet. You can conduct various activities as agreed with the employee all on the comfort of your home. Some of these jobs require some set of skills and documentation. Here are a few sites that can pay you to work for them from home.

  1. Crowdsource : This company will offer many forms of jobs. It can offer small tasks top bigger and larger writing and editing jobs. One can determine the duration comfortable for them to work and later on, do that just on their personal computers at home.
  2. Fast chart : Do you have any medical skills, this site will pay you to provide medical services at the comfort of your home, the site will have to check that you really have the qualification and you can make money off this site? You will be able to set your own schedule and paid per hour.
  3. Leap force : With this site, Google can be able to monitor and rate certain website search engines. If you get the opportunity to work here, you can earn some decent money, you set your own time which you will be work and this can be really fun as you are not under pressure.
  4. Liveops : This is a work call center that allows you to work at home. Once you are established, you can set a schedule and receive calls on behalf of other companies and organizations. They pay per hour for about 10 $. You also earn some commission
  5. Speakwrite : Here, you can transcribe information for about 15 $ for every hour. You have to set the perfect time for you and earn when at home.

Now that we have explored all those areas on Freelancing, it is upon you to try to find something that well suits you. Then you can invest your time in it and make a step towards financial independence. Start small and grow big in the long run.

Make Money on Instagram

So you may be wondering how you can make money on Instagram here are some statistics on Instagram that prove that if well utilized Instagram is a leading social media platform in which one can make lots of money.

Here we are basically talking about the numbers; Instagram has staggering numbers and is quickly catching up with Facebook.

  • Since its launch in 2010 Instagram has well over 1 billion users in 2019, in comparison with Facebook launched in 2004 and with 2.5 billion active users in 2019. This demonstrates that Instagram is an unstoppable force. Therefore, it is a platform with unlimited potential to make lots of money especially in the niche of product branding, photography business among others.
  • Almost 70% of US business use Instagram to market and sell their products and this trend is quickly spreading to other parts of the globe.
  • About 80% of Instagram users are following at least one business account this means that they are potential customers.
  • Others statistics include an increase in time individuals spend on Instagram by about 80%, increase in Instagram adverts, with posts that have location tags attracting up to 79% user engagement, products tagged with images get more likes and many more.

As a beginner, you need to understand the basic requirements for making money on Instagram. You need to be aware of the apps you can optimize, the do’s and don’ts and how to utilize the most optimal filters, and understand the promotional tactics and will make your business a success.

Selling Mobile Applications

The users of mobile phones have greatly increased over the years. A lot of people are now spending more time on mobile than even desktops making it a gold mine sector. With this growth, the demand for mobile applications keeps increasing. Making the right applications that can be used by mobile users to solve various daily problems while simplifying the work of the user can be money generator. A good mobile application should be able to help businesses in the following ways.

  • Increase the income sources by introducing new income-generating opportunities to the business while lowering on the costs of revenues collection.
  • Mobilizing the market for easy access. Making information available and ready for the end-users.
  • Improve communication within the business set up.
  • Improve brand awareness and act as an efficient marketing tool

Mobile application development: Expectation vs Reality

Developing an application can be so expensive. All the initial costs such as technical and development costs may shut the doors for the advancement of this idea. However, the good news is that you do not need to start making complex applications at first. You can start with small and basic applications, sell them to genuine platforms then advance into more complex applications.


How to Make Money Blogging

The term blogging is familiar to many people today. It is all over in media and everyone is talking about it. The big question is; do you know what blogging is. If you are looking for this answer, then you at the right place. But before I go deep in blogging there are some important terms you need to understand for easy understanding of the meaning of blogging. Let start with the meaning of the blog.

What is a blog?
A blog is an informational website or online journal that has information displayed chronologically with the latest post appearing on top. A blog can also be defined as a platform where writers or groups share views on individual subjects or topic that are currently happening. Blogs serve different purposes including personal use and for business. The main purpose of the blog is to connect you with the audience, send a quality lead to your website and improve your website traffic. When blogging for project, business or for money, you should focus on ranking your website in a higher position on the Google SERPs by increasing your visibility.

As a business blogger, you rely on blogging to capture attention and get more customers especially when you are just starting. Blogging helps your website to be visible.

You should focus on writing quality blogs because it will increase the number of visitors to your websites. A blog serves as a lead generation tool therefore; it should have a good call to action (CTA) that will be responsible for converting website traffic into your high-quality leads. Most people write blogs on their niche and this is very helpful. Creating information from your niche is the best way of building trust with your audience.

Difference between Blog and Website
Many people confuse blog and website and they find it difficult to differentiate the two. One of the differences between website and blog is that blog require a regular update and it always contains new information depending on your niche.

Blogs promote reader engagement because it allows the readers to share out their views on the post through comments. Unlike a website that is static and contains presented content on their pages. They are updated but on rare occasion not frequent basis like the blogs.

The key elements that differentiate blog and website include categories, date of publish, byline tags and author reference. A blog contains new ideas regularly based on the publisher schedule, unlike the websites. Blogging is the easiest way to make money online.

How to Make Money Blogging?
Making money is the main reason why bloggers start blogging in the first place. But the first thing you should ask yourself is how to make that money. The following are some of the ways to make money blogging.

  1. Adding CPC or CPM Ads:
    This is the common way most bloggers make money online. It involves using Ads to their site. There are two common types of Ads used by bloggers: CPM Ads, this is known as cost pre-click or pay per click ads which are usually placed at the content or sidebar and every time a reader clicks on it, you are paid.

    CPC/ PPC Ads, this, on the other hand, is the cost per 1000 impression. These Ads pay you based on the number of people who view the ad. The popular network where these ads sell well is Google AdSense because you don’t need to connect with the advertisers directly. The only thing you need to do is to put the banner on your site, then Google will choose the relevant ads to your content and add them to your website, then the readers can click or view them. You can try other programs like Media, Infolink among others.

  2. Partner with Affiliates
    Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog by adding their links to your content. Affiliate marketing works in the following ways:

    • The advertiser gives a commission when they sales a product to a buyer from your website.
    • The advertiser will provide a link that tracks your affiliate code so that whenever the buyer comes from your website, it can be easily tracked back to you and you get your payment.
    • The affiliate link is added to your website either directly to your content or through banner Ads. This way, when your readers click on the link and buy the recommended product, you get a percentage from the purchase.

    There are different ways you can use affiliate marketing, and some of the networks you can use include Amazon Associate or partner with a private organization that has an affiliate program.

  3. Sell Membership
    This is another way of making money blogging. You can sell membership to your forums on possible places where people can get personalized advice for their business. Your membership should be very exclusive and valuable that your readers can’t find somewhere for it to work. Therefore, you need to think outside the box to be a success in this strategy.
  4. Create and sell private Ads
    This is the best chance to make money when you have enough traffic on your website. Many advertisers will come to you, requesting you to put their advertisement on your website. The advantage of this is that there is no connector between you two, therefore, you have the chance to set rates for your ads.

    Private Ads can be sold in different forms including buttons, links and banners. You can also create your own sponsored posts to make money or review services and products for the advertisers. You can also write posts that you feel are underwritten then sell them to the advertisers. You can also create sponsorship space in your email newsletter or videos then sell them. The way people make money through blogging vary, choose the one that fits you the most.

  5. Write and Sell Digital Products
    Writing and selling digital products like tutorials, eBooks, Apps, themes, images, videos, content music and plugins can be another way to make money blogging if you don’t want to advertise other people products. When choosing these fields, you need to be very careful and listen to your readers before creating your digital product, for you to meet their needs and have good sales.
  6. Use your blog as a content marketing tool for your business brand
    Apart from selling products and advertising other people products, you can use your blog as a marketing tool that will help you drive traffic to your business website. It will help you sell your products and convert prospects to your loyal customers.

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