Top 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2020

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

As social media marketing begins to mature, we are starting to learn more and more about how effective this marketing strategy is. We are also learning about what needs to be done to make it work, and what types of strategies are preventing people from experiencing any success through social media marketing. We know that you want to make sure that you are using only the highest quality approach so that you can achieve 2020 growth right now in 2020, which is why we want to highlight mistakes that you must avoid if you are going to succeed with social media marketing right now. Here we will discuss Top 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to avoid in 2020.

Many of the mistakes are incredibly subtle, and therefore incredibly common. Brand new businesses, or brands that are not yet experienced with successful social media marketing, seem to make these mistakes regularly and find themselves struggling to get ahead in marketing their business as a result. The reason why these mistakes are made often comes from a lack of awareness that they even exist or need to be avoided in the first place, which is why simply knowing about them is going to set you so far ahead in the first place. Take time to acquaint yourself with these mistakes and to understand what they look like in use so that you can avoid making them in your business, allowing you to bypass many rights from the start.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #1: Losing sight of why social media exist.

These websites were developed to interact and network. However, if you keep pushing out content and never try to engage with your audience or respond to their initiatives if you do not participate, you are going to perish. you will end up feeling as if the platform was not fit for your business which will contradict what your initial marketing plan showed. Therefore, continue to make efforts to keep your audience engaged and if you find that they are not interested in your content, figure out why.

Go back to the whiteboard and chalk out a fresh content plan. create and test, create and test, create and test.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #2: Taking your brand’s voice callously.

A lot of loyal followers have stopped following popular brands because they were embarrassed by what the brand had started preaching. or how the brand had started talking. The last thing your audience wants is getting associated with a brand that they don’t agree with or find repulsive. Кeeping your audience is daunting and faking who you are not will only make it harder.

Being robotic is also going to harm you in the same way. Followers on social media enjoy the intimacy of communication with other people and not with a robot or a square profile that only responds with “yes” or “no” or pre-recorded phrases.

You must add a touch of humanity to your profiles and messages. if you reply to a comment on your profile, then do not answer with the classic phrases like “we have received your comment and we thank you for the attention…”

Be yourself on social media is as if someone speaks to you in real life! stay authentic to who you are from the beginning and keep at it.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #3: Not having a customer Relationship Management plan in place.

The first rule for online stores on social media is to listen to your community, engage with them and respond to them. When you are active on social networks, you can analyze the comments of your customers, meet their expectations and show, at the same time, to all other internet users, that you are familiar with the new techniques of Web Marketing and the listen to the needs of your customers.

It is important to set up dashboards to monitor discussions around your product or brand on social media. you can also use the Tweet Deck tool for Twitter and Mention in the free version to monitor the web, in general.

In the same vein, being unresponsive when someone shares your content on social media is blasphemy. you need to respond effectively, express gratitude, and seize that opportunity. it is a real boon to create relationships and find ambassadors. This strategy is worth investing in to increase the reach of your brand and generate content on social networks. also, it takes you little time, so enjoy it!

As a business, you will eventually make a mistake. it’s inevitable. sometimes the customer might just act irrational and lash out. at times, it will be your fault as well and saying sorry will not cut. The customer expects more, and you have to give her that. so, have a team ready with a plan who will deal with a crisis like this.

Even if you are managing it on your own, have a strategy in place to escort the customer to an amicable place and solve the situation gracefully.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #4: Not being personable enough

As you have noticed, one of the overarching trends here has been the importance of how personable and authentic you are being in your marketing in 2020. Naturally, that is because this is going to be a foundational element of marketing going forward. We have already given you plenty of excellent tips on how you can be more personable, so now we want to point out what you need to avoid when it comes to being personable online.

The best way to get a feel for what not to do when it comes to being personable online is to get on social media and take a look at some accounts. pay attention to small-to-medium businesses that are not growing well, ones that are, and larger businesses that are thriving on social media. you will quickly notice how different these businesses sound from each other. Businesses that are not thriving will sound completely different from those that are growing and those that are thriving. The ones that are struggling to grow will either lack personable communication altogether or will sound as if their personable communication is fake or generic. This type of language can only be spotted by reading the content that people are sharing, as you will quickly get a feel for whether they are being genuine.

Studying the difference between genuine and generic posts will help you notice the subtleties of what sets success apart from failure online. you will notice the nuances and phrases used by companies that are forcing their personability, versus the natural flow of language used by companies that are genuinely being personable with their audience. Through this, you will get an unobstructed vision of what to do, and what not to do when you are sharing your updates with your audience.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #5: Thinking you do not need a strategy

One of the biggest flawed mindsets we have seen in the day of social media marketing is the idea that you do not need a strategy. Business and strategy go hand in hand, and just because social media marketing can be incredibly easy does not mean that this platform comes without the need for strategy.

The first mistake on social networks is to get started without having developed a marketing action plan. you must determine. upstream, your strategy, your objectives, the periodicity of the posts, the tone employed, etc. it is important to build precise editorial planning to be as effective as possible in the publication of your content.

If you attempt to get online without any clear strategy of what you are going to be doing online, you are going to find yourself struggling to make any type of impact with your business on social media. it is extremely apparent when businesses have failed to make a strategy before getting into the world of social media marketing.

The tell-tale signs include a business that does not seem to have any clear direction in what they are posting or sharing, one that seems to constantly be behind on trends and, ultimately, one that is struggling to get in front of its target audience. More often than not, if your numbers are not growing consistently it is because you have failed to make a strategy, or you have failed to make a strategy. You can identify several strategies for how to market your business in 2020, and how you can turn all this knowledge into an actionable strategy. We strongly advise that you do not overlook the part of turning it into a real strategy if you want to grow your business rapidly and successfully in the coming months.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #6: Not targeting your audience effectively

As you begin marketing your business online, it can be easy to be fearful of what might happen if you attempt to be “too” specific in who you are talking to. Many new businesses worry that if they speak to an awfully specific audience, no one will pay attention or want to engage with their business. They feel that they will be irrelevant, or that they will completely miss the mark with a larger audience. This leads to them making the huge mistake of not being clear in who they are talking to.

The truth is, when you do talk specifically to your audience, you are going to be irrelevant or unlikeable for many other audiences. That is the point. When you are marketing on social media, you want to be talking directly to the people who are more likely to purchase from you, while also avoiding the people who will not. This way, you are not wasting your time trying to cater to an audience that is never going to purchase from your business.

When you begin marketing your business on social media, get clear in who you are talking to, and keep talking to those people. Do not be afraid to be your authentic self, and do not be afraid to speak your opinions that are relevant to your business. The more relevant that you can be to the specific audience that you do want to sell to, the more likely they are going to pay attention to you and, more importantly, buy from you. Worry less about the people who are not going to appreciate what you have to say, and more about the people who will. Leave the larger audience for the massive corporations that have millions of dollars to invest in talking to a larger audience than you can reasonably talk to in your business.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #7: improper management of negative feedback

If you are in business, you are going to receive negative feedback. period.

Every single business experiences some form of negative feedback or criticism at one point or another, both from people who have done business with you and people who have never experienced your business before. This is completely normal. people online like to have opinions, and they will share their opinions about everything. it is important that when you do come across people with negative feedback or criticism, that you handle it properly to avoid destroying your business reputation alongside that negative feedback or criticism.

When it comes to negative feedback, there will be two types of people offering it: those who can have their minds changed, and those who cannot. you can sort through who is who quickly by saying something simple like: “We’re sorry that you feel this way, can you please message us with your concern so we can help you resolve it?” This type of comment shows that you are willing to support the person offering negative feedback.

Those who are willing to change their minds can then communicate with you so that you can resolve their concerns and hopefully, earn a loyal follower who respects your business. Those who are not can simply be ignored, as they are unlikely to have anything kind to say toward your business, regardless of how polite you are to them.

When it comes to business taking the high road in sticky situations is always the best choice.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #8: Using promotional tools in a poor manner

The more that social media matures, and social media marketing evolves, the more tools are being provided to businesses so that they can make marketing online even easier.

The selling feature for many is based on passive income: the more that you can automate or simplify your processes, the more time you have to do other things while your business stands by making money for you around the clock. Wanting passive income or time freedom is certainly not a terrible thing, but you must take the right action in turning your business into a passive income stream if you are going to be successful with it.

If you want to have success with online marketing, you always need to be able to remain personable and approachable. This means that if your business is too automated, people are going to catch on and they are going to lose interest in and respect for your company. As well, automating your business too far into the future can lead to you being irrelevant, or uploading content that does not effectively serve your market any longer. you need to use these tools effectively if you are going to have any success in reaching your audience through your social media marketing efforts, otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

When it comes to automated posters, make sure that you are always uploading relevant content, that the content still sounds incredibly personal, and that you are not uploading too far in advance. Do your best to only create enough content for one week to one month at a time to ensure that your content continues to remain relevant and personal for your audience. This will not only help your content remain meaningful and valuable, but it will also make it easier for you to make necessary adjustments in your approach or include important pieces of information along the way.

If you automate too far in advance, it can feel like a hassle to make any changes or shift your approach because you will feel like you are wasting a massive amount of time that was spent creating unnecessary content.

Another type of automation you need to be cautious with is bots. Bots can be incredibly useful, but they can also work to the detriment of your company. Many businesses have created bots for platforms like Instagram, only to have their bots sending out messages or comments that make no sense, or that come across as spammy by posting the same comment on far too many different profiles.

If you do choose to use a bot in your marketing strategy, make sure that the comments are authentic and genuine, and that they are not being over posted. it also cannot hurt, to be honest in your message by introducing your bot and letting your followers know how they can get in touch with a real person for support or inquiry if they want to. This way, while you are getting the benefits of a bot, you are also not losing parts of your audience who may prefer more personalized attention.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes #9: posting low-quality content to meet quality goals

Content calendars are in about every blog post and marketing book these days, and they have long been seen as a tool that is necessary to help keep you consistent with your posting.

Since consistency is key, this tool was designed to help people who are not used to posting regularly get their content out there consistently enough to be recognized by their audience. Unfortunately, for many people all these calendars have done is to place an incredible amount of stress on the shoulders of new social media marketers who are trying to produce more content then they are used to producing.

Following a marketing calendar can be effective, but it is not worthwhile if you are going to be attempting to post content that is low quality just to meet your content calendar “needs.” at the end of the day, no matter how consistently you are posting, if the content is low quality, people are going to perceive your brand as being low quality and they are not going to want to follow you or do business with you. it is much better to skip a post here and there and wait until you have something more inspired or meaningful to say than it is to attempt to come up with something to say when you are not clear on what it is that you want to say.

Instead of following a content calendar day by day, set the goal of uploading a certain number of posts per week, organize what the goals of these posts need to be based on how you want to be marketing your business, and then go from there. This way, rather than attempting to push yourself to post when you are not inspired, you can simply post later when you have something more meaningful to say. Trust us on this one, your audience is not going to abandon you because you did not post anything on Tuesday at 2 pm.

Experts say you must publish a lot of content and all the time! yes but no, regular display of content attracts attention and makes your media an active medium, but if you do not have creative or interesting content, publishing a lot of content just to publish may have the opposite effect and so attract negative attention.


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